Graphic Designer Or Web Designer??

Here’s 4 Reasons To Work With Us

Satisfied Costumer = Satisfying Profit

  • Create fully customized business solutions for your clients.
  • Created at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time.
  • You can make higher profits quicker.
  • Save your clients time and money
  • You and Your Client are happy businesses.

Completely Rebrandable

  • Get your brand out there and be seen!
  • Our partners can rebrand the system and all system notifications
  • so it’s your brand and your name that remains in the spotlight
  • You get the benefits of your own system to excellerate your business
  • You and Your Client are happy businesses.

What You Get :-

  • Your own hosted Online Business to direct your clients to – included in the package
  • Commission, commission, commission – as a Partner, you’ll receive fruitful % of your client’s monthly subscription fee
  • Web based access to your Partner Portal
    • Manage all your client websites
    • Have complete creative freedom
    • Review sites performances from anywhere
    • Total Control – have your finger on the pulse
  • Pay, your way – we can either bill you for the site, or bill the client directly
  • Partner training and resource materials – become a Pro with our certification program and 24/7 access to a wealth of resources

Full Creative Control

  • Bring your creative vision to life.
  • With complete control over prebuilt HTML and CSS
  • Customize the look and feel of almost anything simply by conrtolling specialised data tags.
  • Amend and create your own code

Use  Dreamweaver??

    • Our system is built so YOUR CLIENTS can amend their site easily using familiar Microsoft Style tools
    • However you may be an Adobe Dreamweaver Ambassador
    • Use our fully-integrated Dreamweaver plug-in and your away
    • Modify and update sites, in a familiar and comfortable development environment.
    • Download Plug-In


Why you Love It :-

  • Free access to unbranded Marketing material
  • Focus on your design – not the code behind it
  • Want to be clever ! Integrate XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash and much more
  • Completely web standards compliant
  • Receive updates and additional features automatically – no installation required

For a rewarding partnership, contact us for information on how to get started!