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Internet marketing is not just websites, its Engagement, Key Words, Web Advertising, Site Traffic, Social Media, Visitor Analytics and Sales. With many great individual software tools, from a raft of different providers out there it is a job in itself to manage them.
So having a system that integrates all these requirements, and helps manage them all in one place has untold commercial value.

Welcome To a Great Internet Marketing System

An intuitive system designed to plan, implement, maintain, and manage the act of doing business online. An invaluable resource for Marketing and Business Development in providing a focused, and productive road map for your client’s business to reach its highest potential on the internet.

Internet business Analytics

  • Review where you are, bench marking your current position.
  • Review your existing approach and marketing channels
  • Determine your goals
  • Produce a strategy and review process.

Analyze Data And Informations

  • Review the stickyness of your site, what makes people stay.
  • Tracking both onsite (your website) and off site ( like to your site and its indexing within the search engines.
  • Call to actions – uncluttered and easy to use functions
  • Customer focused – because that’s what they want

What you Get:-

  • Your own hosted Online Business to direct your clients to – included in the package
  • Commission, commission, commission – as a Partner, you’ll receive fruitful % of your client’s monthly subscription fee
  • Web based access to your Partner Portal
    • Manage all your client websites
    • Add content live
    • Review sites performances from anywhere
    • Control – have your finger on the pulse
  • Pay, your way – we can either bill you for the site, or bill the client directly
  • Partner training and resource materials – become a Pro with our certification program and 24/7 access to a wealth of resources

Quantifiable Results – Performance-Driven Business

  • Targeted Traffic Discovering your known and unknown customers
  • Learn where they are in their decision cycle
  • Ensure you can be found easily online.
  • Give them exactly the information they seek

Acquire More Customers

  • Research and provide their needs.
  • Give them what they want, when they want it.
  • Steer them on the path of persuasion.
  • Convert them from browsers to buyers – Get that sale!

Why You’ll Love It

  • Free access to unbranded Marketing material
  • Focus on online performance – not the code behind it
  • Completely web standards compliant
  • If you want to be clever – Integrate XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash and much more
  • Receive updates and additional features automatically – no installation required

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The Team at Catalystco are experinced business people with substantial knowledge in Design, Marketing, Sales from working in both Client and Agency side businesses.

We know how broad the requirements are to be sucessful in Online Marketing, so to learn more how our system and support services can help you, get your free, no obligation Internet Business Analysis, and put a proven internet marketing system to work on your bottom line

Dont delay to it today, and get the best solution for rapid sucess online. And REMEMBER we are activly seeking support providers who are familiar with our products to support our enquiries nationally.

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