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Made with passion

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Arts and craft

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My specialty

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  • strategic-business-planning

    Innovative & Creative Thinking

    Strategy is vital for any business seeking to develop in a coherent manner. Thought is required and a plan on page to document and track progress is required. Well more thought, with creative input, historic experience, requires more detail and a bigger plan. This is where we come in !
  • traditional-and-modern-tool-sets

    Skills & Tools to Deliver

    Traditional and modern skills sets and digital tool experience to deliver any kind of marketing project. From leaflet drop to social media we get client in front of their customers in a positive way.


  • Richard at Thermo Fisher
    " Very professional in his manner and has used his vast business experience to generate new business. I can strongly endorse Rod and consider him to be an expert in his chosen field."
    Richard Errington
    Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • jeanne-hatton
    " Rod is a true professional who listens to client requirements and matches them to the best solution possible. He is a creative individual who thinks outside the box."
    Jeanne Hatton
    IBM Systems
  • steve-mursell
    "His dynamic strategic mindeset and the ability to manage people around him were key drivers behind this success."
    Steve Mursell
    AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
  • scott sergeant
    " Rod was always technically above the rest of other sales teams - Rod was a pleasure to work with"
    Scott Sargeant
    Trend Micro
  • tim-johnson
    " I have found Rod to be highly professional, maintaining an excellent product and service knowledge in his field. He has always shown an interest in the client and put that first. I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking for an honest and good working relationship."
    Tim Johnson
    Holborn Assets LLC
  • Geoff Jones
    "You will be amazed at what he can do for your companies profile and the increased new business his expertise brings."
    Geoff Jones
    Dual Mortgage Broker
  • Paul
    " Rod has taken on control of many projects and knows how to go the extra mile to get it completed internally or externally. Rods business experience is vast and has helped the company grow no end. Great person to work with!"
    Paul Rietdyke
    Sportech PLC
  • Sarah_Phillips_Sodexo
    " SP Consulting worked with Rod when he was running Promo. He and his team were excellent - they always looked at the commercial perspective and were able to translate that through innovative online and offline design."
    Sarah Phillips
  • Peter_leather-FRSA
    " Rod is an extremely talented individual whose work is of the highest quality. He is a versatile businessman with significant experience and understanding of the issues faced by SMEs of all sizes and sectors."
    Peter Leather FRSA
    University of Central Lancashire
  • keith_griffiths
    " ‘Rod Jones’ has a great list of strengths and qualities. Rod is an all round Business Man, SEO & Design professional whom I would highly recommend to any business. Rod has fantastic ideas, I would say he is very creative, business minded, business focused and gets the job done."
    Keith Griffiths
    DataRush Limited
  • " I have known Rod since the Mid 90s, when he managed and designed our first catalogue and website.  I value his experience and insight and admire his enthusiasm in all his business projects. "
    James Sheirdan (Chairman)
    North Wales Exporters Club
  • Colin-Ling-Chinese-ambassador
    " Rod was excellent in his support of 14 Business advisors with his Industrial Design and marketing expertise. He worked with colleagues in a very supportive and constructive way and was professional and creative with clients always going the extra mile."
    Colin Ling
    Head of Enterprise Development
  • mark_kerr_business_consultant
    " Rodney provided a complete corporate design for a new start online business. He was a good listener and came up with good quality designs that met our requirements. I would use him again and would definitely recommend him."
    Mark Kerr
  • Gina Simpson solicitor
    " I have used Rod's services several times over the years and always found him to be easy to work with, clever, creative and great value for money. I would highly recommend Rod's services. "
    Gina Stanton
    ACSL Solicitors Limited
  • Peter_Revell
    "I have no hesitation in recommending Rod and enjoyed the period that we worked together at Latitude. He is professional and knowledgeable on the benefits of digital marketing. He is commercially aware and client centered."
    Peter Revell (Operations Director)
    icrossing UK
  • Andy_Critcher_Totalboardsolutions
    "We have been working with Rod for a number of years and he has been instrumental in increasing business through the design and focus of our website. With his insight we have developed an area that matches our customers needs. A true business professional."
    Andy Critcher Beng Hons CID (MD)
  • " I have known Rod for over 10 years and always fascinated by the interesting projects he gets involved in and the unique angle he approaches then. .......Will always grateful for him being the first to drag me and the International Coaching Academy to the power of the internet. Happy to endorse Rod as a honest and professional business man who always bring something valuable to the table "
    John Haynes
    International Coaching Academy
  • ormskirk-motor-fest-logo
    " Rod is a consummate professional who is genuinely passionate and highly enthusiastic in his approach to providing a solution to your marketing, sales, promotions whether they be traditional design and print or using web based technologies. Whether you are in the public or private sector, large or small, Rod can help you with any marketing or promotional strategies including producing outstanding graphics and brand presentation. "
    Michael Ashcroft
    Stobart Aviation Services